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Cognitive games hold the promise for becoming the cure for many illnesses and disabilities.
Safer and more specific than pharmaceuticals are now more often to be used by elderly and young people.

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Our core assumption was to create a platform forever free for scientific research.


One of the main problems in cognitive research is lack of standardisation - our goal is to make studies clear, easy and repeatable.

Collect all data

All subject interaction with the game or device is recorded, you decide what is/was important to the study.

Optimise your cognition

You're training your muscles, how about your brain?

Dual N-Back

Dual N-Back is the most popular app for improving fluid intelligence. This is a simple, bare bone, implementation of this idea. Cloud service for storing your settings and progress. Now you can stay in sync in between your iOS and MacOS devices! More features coming soon!

Mental Math

Basing on neuro science research, we developed extremely pleasing and natural way of improving your math abilities. It's not a next boring school lesson, it's completely new experience and level of progress.

Digit Span

It is said people can hold up to 7-8 items in their working memory. Can you beat that limit?

True Sentence

This simple app can be used for testing or potentially exercising logical skills. Analyze the picture and check the correctness of the displayed sentence. You can use the cursor or keyboard arrow and spacebar to select the correct answer. More features (high scores) coming soon!

Stroop Effect

Classic game exploring the Stroop Effect

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